701 enduro forum

The Husky is very dirt-oriented and features a single overhead cam with a two-spark-plug ignition and a slipper clutch. The puts out 74 horsepower and uses a WP 4CS fork with just under 11 inches of travel and a WP linkage rear shock.

There is no doubt that the Husky caters more to the dirt purist than the touring elitist. With the ability to conquer urban environments and treacherous offroad terrain with equal composure, the ENDURO reaches the next level of versatility. Bred from decades of enduro world championship-winning pedigree and mixed with over a century of motorcycle expertise, the ENDURO combines high performance with typical Swedish functionality in a stylish and modern design.

The single overhead camshaft, liquid cooled, single cylinder engine features the latest in design and electronic technology. An outstanding maximum power output of 55 kW 74 hp at 8, rpm and torque of 71 Nm at 6, rpm leave the rider in no doubt of the performance packed inside this lightweight unit. The lightweight trellis frame is made of high-grade chromium-molybdenum steel and developed to ensure precise handling and instill complete confidence in the rider.

Detailed feedback is transmitted to the rider thanks to precisely calculated torsional rigidity and longitudinal flex. The high performance rear shock absorber made by WP Performance Systems is completely adjustable for compression and rebound.

Husqvarna 701 Enduro gets longer range for 2020

Connected to a linkage system with off-road geometry and mm of rear wheel travel, the system ensures unbeatable all-terrain capability. The four chamber fork has advanced damping characteristics and is also lighter than a conventional upside-down fork. As with all 4CS forks by WP, the clicker settings can be easily and quickly adjusted via the dials on the top of the fork tubes.

701 enduro forum

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701 enduro forum

Stay safe and stay local. If you choose to ride, ride lower than your ability to ensure you stay safe. For example, this Saturday the Tamihi staging area was not just full it was crowded, over packed no way safe distances were it could be practiced.

Sunday was better after camping was closed but people kept I sitting on trying to camp. Riding when dispersed may be a very low and acceptable risk to you and me but the fact is may may just ride through that cough cloud from the previous rider. Additionally, If you get hurt you may need medical attention putting stress on Hospitals, that yes have been good thanks to cancelled elective surgeries but are filkibgbuo and becoming over worked.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Husqvarna enduro! Thread starter offworlder Start date Oct 28, Husqvarna has revealed a new version of the Enduro for featuring a litre fuel capacity for long-distance adventures off-road. The LR features a litre fuel tank at the rear, with an additional litre tank mounted at the front.

Combined they should take you around miles between fill ups. A switch mounted on the handlebar allows you to select the fuel supply as each tank has a separate fuel pump.

-50MM Husqvarna 701 Enduro Lowering Kit

The standard model Enduro. Husqvarna says they created the LR model to meet a demand from riders who want to tour and travel further on a bike that can conquer any terrain, no matter how remote. The trade-off for those extra miles is more weight, with the LR weighing in at kg without fuel. Both the long range and standard Enduro feature updated electronics forincluding switchable rider modes, Bosch cornering ABS, lean-angle sensitive traction control, and an easy shift function that shortens gear shift times and improves rear wheel traction.

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If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok Read more.Husqvarna unveiled the Enduro and Supermoto models at this year's EICMA showrevealing several additional electronic rider aids and slight revisions to the bodywork. The added features may not sound groundbreaking, but the platform is an already-potent package.

Both models will receive a rider-aid suite that includes two selectable riding modes, each tailoring on-throttle response with on-the-fly adjustments. There will also be two levels of lean-angle-sensitive traction control with the third option being off. Likewise, a new cornering ABS function controls brake pressure at the Brembo calipers, but can be fully disengaged for off-road use or hooning the streets.

Finally, Husqvarna also included its Easy Shift function, which acts as an up-and-down quickshifter and reduces shift times for added performance. And, of course, each model receives new graphics for the model year. The Supermotospecifically, gets a unique gray accent that distinguishes it from previous years.

While seemingly subtle, the revisions made to the models improve an already-exciting and entertaining platform to ride.

Enduro or Supermoto. Menu Sign Up. Cycle World. Husqvarna unveiled the Enduro, which receives an electronic rider-aid suite and bold new graphics. The Supermoto received identical changes to the Enduro model, but visually strikes with an added gray accent.

The Enduro traction control at work! Latest Buyer's Guide.

Finally, Here is the Husqvarna 701 Enduro

Buyer's Guide. Gear and Products. Why Only 9.I make no bones about it. I love my Husqvarna Enduroand I have never been one for pimping bikes up. Mine usually remain bog standard, but the faux Nordic charms of the had me thinking differently. That bike does something to men of a certain age, and one or two very long-legged ladies.

My, ahem, relationship with the Husky has made me want to turn that bike into my ride for life, so out came the wallet and the intentions to turn it from an infatuation to a long-term, close to monogamous relationship.

But the bike is not perfect in its stock form, in fact, the stock model is a beautiful and mad single-cylinder bike wrapped in some fundamental issues that I struggled to live with. I then made the fatal error of looking at ways to trick the up, which becomes a hideous wallet bleed.

I just love the bike. It is a really competent ride out on the trails, and whilst I have an enduro bike, the is my first choice. And as these routes in the UK are broken up by plenty of tarmac miles, the polite road manners were a major bonus. It started with an extra pair of wheels from Talon, in glorious bright blue. Money well spent. As I started putting more miles on the bike, I changed the God-awful seat for a Seat Concepts saddle, which was potentially the best money I spent on the bike.

I then went for a Rekluse clutch and read the manual, twigged how to switch off the ABS, and found the bike very manageable in some fairly testing terrain. But, I realised how limited the stock bike actually was. Travelling at 80mph on the open road was horrible, the Peruna rack was good value and well-engineered, but the minimal subframe meant any weight was carried on my back.

I also wanted to take the bike into London regularly as my work is often in the High Court. Carrying court papers, big law books and the occasional Harry Potter gown was becoming impractical in a backpack.

Then it happened. The costs seemed fairly reasonable, so I picked up the phone and spoke to Mike, the son in the father and son outfit. Mike Schram, and his father Aad Schram, had set up a company specialising in the transformation of the Husky into a rugged middleweight adventure bike. Mike is a qualified motor engineer, while his dad learnt engineering when he was working on an isolated cattle station miles away from the nearest town in Tasmania, which is remote even for Australia.

Aad and Mike worked for many years in this environment, and they have learnt the art of robust mechanics. When Mike finished college, instead of saddling himself up with student debt, he and his father sold up in Tasmania and rode around the world, starting in New Zealand and taking in Canada, Alaska, Mexico which they especially loved despite apparently high tensions at the US borderIndia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Pakistan amongst numerous other countries.

Mike was riding an XTR, while Aad was on a bike which does not immediately spring to mind as an adventure bike, a Triumph Bonneville.

Aad freely accepts that the Bonneville is not the classic choice for a round the world bike, but it handled the route well, with only relatively minor adjustments including Triumph Scrambler twin shocks and an extra 20mm travel in the front.

Aad has donemiles on that Bonnie, and it has been through some extreme terrain. Both the Yamaha and Bonnie are in the workshop, and the Bonnie looks a whole lot healthier than the Yammie! In completing his journey, Mike set the record for becoming the youngest rider to complete a circumnavigation of the globe of nearly 80, miles and, just to make life a bit more interesting, the father and son team intentionally took as many gravel and dirt roads as they could find.

That experience, combined with engineering and mechanical skills, was the seed corn for Nomad ADV. When Mike and Aad landed back in Holland, they set up their company and Mike got to designing the conversion. Both he and his dad are of the opinion that the has all the basics for it to be an excellent RTW single-cylinder bike, being based on the but with a stronger frame.

That said, while the basic necessities are there, the is far from the perfect middleweight adventurer. The seat was clearly designed by a Swedish sadist who took design cues from medieval torture instruments. As I mentioned, the stock seat was the first thing I replaced on mine, even before I brought it to Nomad ADV, and the Seat Concepts replacement is a fine mile a day perch. Getting around these for robustness and luggage carrying capabilities required a lot of engineering thought, but the general consensus amongst the duo was that, while the had problems, none of them were too difficult to address, especially with Husqvarna Holland on hand to help with any queries.

In fact, they even assisted them with the design of the pannier mountings, which effectively give an aftermarket subframe with the weight of the luggage being diverted to the rear footpegs.Each issue of Gear Patrol Magazine is a deep dive into product culture. Inside, you'll find seasonal buying guides, rich maker profiles and long-form dispatches from the front lines of product design.

The stunningly designed Gear Patrol Magazine is ready for your coffee table. By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Policy and to receive email correspondence from us. Smaller, more approachable street bikes, with a healthy dose of youthful design like scramblers, sport-standards and cafe racers continue to see a steady rise in popularity with each big manufacturer offering more options each year.

The off-road situation is a little different than on-road motorcycles. But, the big bikes are still the headlining acts that stole the majority of attention of their respective manufacturers as far as performance and development went. Enduro or middleweight adventure bikes, when properly outfitted, are not only thousands of dollars more affordable than the typical liter-plus ADVs, but can be more capable, less stressful and wildly more entertaining off-road. The Good: The engine is the headlining act with the Husqvarna Enduro.

Though it is based on the same bike as the KTM Enduro R, the Husqvarna get its own, all-new, refined and slightly larger cc engine. On the highway, out to Conserve the Ride in Woodward, Pennsylvania, even in sixth gear, doing mph, the single-cylinder still found enough shove to get me past slower traffic. Then once off-road, chugging along in first gear, weaving around and navigating oil-pan-killing rocks, barely on-throttle, there was no hesitation.

The sweeping, open gravel fire roads and single track trails are what this bike was built for — it was completely in its element powering out of tight turns and floating the front wheel.

In the world of lbs ADV bikes, the lbs Enduro is a svelt featherweight. Out on the trails, threading through trees and trail gates, making my way up rutted inclines littered with rocks trying to unsettle the bike, the Enduro was the envy of the biggest of its companions. Watch Out For: Even at six-foot-one, I was forced by the On the trail, there were a handful of times I went to touch the ground for stability, but between the height of the bike and an unfortunately placed rut in the road, I was left back-kicking at the air until the bike leaned over enough.

But having to unstrap your liter dry bag from the seat every time you need to fill up can be a nuisance. But, spend enough time off-road in the wild and priorities switch. Vehicle shortcomings become glaring attributes and genuine capability turns into a godsend.

Vintage Defenders fall short and towering Ford Raptors prove to be too much anywhere outside of an open desert. On two-wheels, some will lead you to believe you need a BMW R GS, but even the adventure riding community is starting to switch priorities.

Light weight is becoming more critical and the appeal of bikes like the Husqvarna Enduro increase fold. Not only can it hold all of your gear like a larger ADV, it can tackle freeways nearly as superbly as it can fire trails and single tracks.I'm not speaking figuratively.

The plan is to build a whole range of KTM-based Huskies in what the once Swedish marque is calling its 'new era'. But it's not just a change of branding, Husqvarna maintains. In a presentation at the launch in Lagos, Portugal, our attention was brought to the new, ribbed seat, extending virtually from handlebar to tail light, and to the narrowness of the new bodywork, allowing the rider freedom to move around.

The words 'user-friendly' and 'travel' weren't ones I found myself saying as the launch test ride got underway. With a claimed seat height of mm, the same as the KTM's, this bike is tall.

701 enduro forum

I'm 5'9" and my feet were dangling if I tried to get both down at once. Even my tiptoes didn't bridge the gap. So instead I had one foot flat on the ground and my bum half off the seat.

Kicking the side-stand up from that position is impossibly awkward. You've got to do it before you get on. That's all fine I suppose. The clue's in the name: 'Enduro'. I'm comfortable riding off-road but a long way from expert.

Happy on trails but not likely to enter an extreme enduro race ever in my lifetime. For me, the height of the threatened to be inconvenient off-road too. If I came to something particularly awkward, that I wanted to paddle over with my feet, I wouldn't be able too. Notice these thoughts still didn't include the words 'user-friendly' or 'travel'. A road leading to a trail was flooded. A couple of Husqvarna's riders found a way of bypassing it, but it involved a near-vertical descent of about 50 metres down a slippery, muddy hillside onto the road on the other side of the water.

One journalist attempted it and arrived at bottom on his arse. Another, one of the most experienced off-road, looked down from the top, made his excuses and turned back. But as we eventually arrived at some trails, climbing, dropping and twisting through wooded and grassy hills along the coast, the Enduro quickly inspired me with confidence. Both the fork and shock are from WP and offer a claimed mm of wheel travel compared to a claimed mm for the KTM. Now the Enduro did take on a dimension of user-friendliness.

The gear selector is stubby and fat. That made it easy to shift up a gear while standing on the pegs. The six-speed box seemed to resist finding neutral when I stopped, though. Although the cc twin-spark engine has strong, helpful torque from way down in the range, the throttle response is forgiving, not too aggressive.

The throttle is ride-by-wire and there are three fuel maps to choose from — soft, standard and advanced — using a switch located under the seat. The test bikes were on the standard setting. At one point we came to a trail that was thick with wet mud and I opted to dodge a section by riding on some grass around the edge.

How To Change The Oil On A Husqvarna 701 Enduro

The grass turned out to be submerged, the blades poking out from a few inches of water. For a moment I thought I was going to have to put my feet down as the front slipped and twisted about in the mush, and that ominous sense of the reach to the ground returned. But the user-friendly yes, now I was thinking it throttle response gave me the confidence to gas it a tiny bit, which slightly unloaded the front and let it find a way through, my feet never leaving the pegs.

Getting back on tarmac meant crossing v-shaped concrete roadside gutter, about two-feet across and a foot deep. Some riders popped a small wheelie as they crossed, so the front never went in the dip. Showing less skill, I just rode through it. The front dropped in and popped out with a grace that almost suggested I knew what I was doing. User-friendly as a means travel?

701 enduro forum


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