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Index of Series

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After that just open the folder with the episode file and use VLC player to watch it! Click here for latest TV Episodes Search If you love to watch TV shows, but can not do so due to the fact that they are shown at time when you are at work, then you can use TellySeries.Serial Films are some of the earliest forms of film during the silent era through to the s, often episodic in form usually with parts and simplistic in plot, that were shown over a period of weeks or years. The multi-part films consisted of episodes that could be anywhere between fifteen and twenty minutes in length.

The segments were presented one chapter at a time in weekly installments over the course of time. Serials were usually included during the shorts projected in a neighborhood movie theatre, offered before the feature film, B-western, or Saturday afternoon 'kiddie' matinee.

Serials would generally include attractive heroines, action heroes, and villains the Scorpion, the Dragon, and the Spider, to name a few in melodramatic sequences that often ended with a suspenseful and manipulative cliffhanger ending - that promised to be continued the next week to bring the ticket-buying audience back for more.

The heroes and heroines would courageously fight for justice and honor, and the diabolical villains with evil devices would struggle against them. Action sequences would predominate with chases, jumps off buildings or trains, terrifying falls, narrow escapes, fist-fights, close calls and hair-raising situations, and other exciting, death-defying stunts, involving runaway trains, fires, sawmills, other natural disasters, and explosions.

In all serials, the truth was often exaggerated or stretched in order to keep the hero alive from week to week.

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In modern times, Hollywood studios have borrowed the lucrative idea of using cliffhangers and serialized installment plans or multi-part stories for their largely self-contained epics, e.

These are not pure serials, but stand-alone, full-length movies with many chapters, volumes, or parts, and exciting serial-like sequences. Many modern-day soap operas and well-known TV series, such as Lost in Space and the soapish Dallashave used the cliffhanger ending as enticement to tune in again.

There was a parallel tradition of serials both in the United States and in Europe. In Europe, the motion picture serial was a close relative to today's TV series, with longer, self-contained episodes or segments. France, with pioneering auteur director Louis Feuillade, provided several magnificent chapter plays, including the five-part Fantomas Francethe influential part masterpiece Les Vampires France with Musidora as villainous Irma Vep, the episode Judex Franceand Tih Minh France.

Germany contributed the popular six-episode silent serial Homunculus Germany. Also, in the s, Fritz Lang made the following two silent films in two-parts: the crime thriller Dr. The first American serial was the groundbreaking reel What Happened to Mary? Edison's Company, that starred Mary Fuller the first true serial queenand was released concurrently with the serial story "What Happened to Mary? Each film chapter was released simultaneously with the corresponding story in the magazine, one story per month, beginning July 26th, The series was followed with the six-episode Who Will Marry Mary?

The most popular stars of first serials were female, many of whom were western figures or action heroines. Over sixty serial-queen melodramas were released between and From toLouise Lester portrayed Calamity Anne in a series of comic westerns. The episode action serial The Adventures of Kathlynconsidered by some to be the first true American serial, produced by Selig, starred blonde actress Kathlyn Williams - its first episode was released on December 29, Harold MacGrath's novel The Adventures of Kathlyn was published in early - it was the first novel based on a movie -- with stills from the film, and was concurrently sold in bookstores.

Pearl White as Pauline in Peril:. The most famous star of the silent serials was Pearl White. The silent serial queen was an early star in a lengthy series of films, beginning with the well-known, multi-chaptered, much-celebrated, archetypal play The Perils of Pauline - originally 20 episodes in length but many have since been lostand now existing as a condensed 9-episode version. The daring, athletic and active female star performed some of the riskiest, hair-raising stunts in her films on the side of a cliff, in a runaway balloon, in a burning house, etc.

Her most famous stunt was reportedly in this serial - in which she was tied to railroad tracks and had to be rescued from a speeding, rapidly-approaching train. More famously, a year earlier inMabel Normand was tied to train tracks and cried out for rescue in the Keystone comedy Barney Oldfield's Race for a Lifeand the scene was also enacted in Mack Sennett's Teddy at the Throttle Following her success inWhite was also featured the next year in an immensely popular and successful 3-part series of 'Elaine' films:.

Then, the indefatigable star made six more, low-budget serials containing between 15 and 20 chapters each over the next four years:.If you are curious about the wide variety of features at IMDb, here is a good road map for finding your way around:.

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index of serial movies

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This year films and stars born in,and will be celebrated. Any requests? Oscars Prediction Index. Supporting Actress. Supporting Actor. International Feature. Animation and Docs. Intl Submissions. Acting Categories. Visual Categories. Sound Categories.A serial film, film serial or just serialmovie serial or chapter play, is a motion picture form popular during the first half of the 20th century, consisting of a series of short subjects exhibited in consecutive order at one theater, generally advancing weekly, until the series is completed.

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Generally, each serial involves a single set of characters, protagonistic and antagonistic, involved in a single story, which has been edited into chapters after the fashion of serial fiction and the episodes cannot be shown out of order or as a single or a random collection of short subjects. Each chapter was screened at a movie theater for one week, and ended with a cliffhangerin which characters found themselves in perilous situations with little apparent chance of escape.

Viewers had to return each week to see the cliffhangers resolved and to follow the continuing story. Movie serials were especially popular with children, and for many youths in the first half of the 20th century a typical Saturday matinee at the movies included at least one chapter of a serial, along with animated cartoonsnewsreelsand two feature films. There were films covering many genres, including crime fictionespionage, comic book or comic strip characters, science fiction, and jungle adventures.

Many serials were Westernssince those were the least expensive to film. Although most serials were filmed economically, some were made at significant expense. The Flash Gordon serial and its sequels, for instance, were major productions in their times. Serials were action-packed stories that usually involved a hero or heroes battling an evil villain and rescuing a damsel in distress. The villain would continually place the hero into inescapable deathtraps, or the heroine would be placed into a deathtrap and the hero would come to her rescue.

The hero and heroine would face one trap after another, battling countless thugs and lackeys, before finally defeating the villain. The silent era was the zenith of the movie serial.

Another popular serial was the episode The Hazards of Helen made by Kalem Studios and starring Helen Holmes for the first forty-eight episodes then Helen Gibson for the remainder. Other major studios of the silent era, such as Vitagraph and Essanay Studiosproduced serials, as did Warner Bros. Several independent companies for example, Mascot Pictures made Western serials. Four silent Tarzan serials were also made. Serials were a popular form of movie entertainment dating back to Edison's What Happened to Mary of There appear to be older serials, however, such as the Deutsche Vitaskop 5 episode Arsene Lupin Contra Sherlock Holmesbased upon the Maurice LeBlanc novel, [1] and a possible but unconfirmed Raffles serial in Years after their first release, serials gained new life at "Saturday Matinees", theatrical showings on Saturday mornings aimed directly at children.

For that reason, serials are sometimes called "Saturday Matinee Serials", even though they were originally shown with feature films. The arrival of sound technology made it costlier to produce serials, so that they were no longer as profitable on a flat rental basis.

Further, the Great Depression made it impossible for many of the smaller companies that produced serials to upgrade to sound, and they went out of business. Only one serial specialty company, Mascot Picturestransitioned from silent to sound filmmaking. Universal Pictures also kept its serial unit alive through the transition. In the early s a handful of independent companies tried their hand at making serials, including the once-prolific Weiss Brothers.

The Weisses bought a little time when Columbia Pictures decided to take a try at serials, and contracted with them as Adventure Serials Inc. They were successful enough that Columbia then established its own serial unit and the Weisses essentially disappeared from the serial scene. This was inand Columbia was probably inspired by the previous year's serial blockbuster success at Universal, Flash Gordonthe first serial ever to play at a major theater on Broadway ; and by the success of that same year of the newly created Republic Pictureswhich dedicated itself to a program of serials and westerns, eschewing major productions in their favor.

The creation of Republic involved the absorption of Mascot Picturesso that byserial production was now in the hands of three companies only — Universal, Columbia, and Republic, with Republic quickly becoming the acknowledged leader in quality serial product. Each company turned out four to five serials per year, of 12 to 15 episodes each, a pace they all kept up until the end of World War II when, inUniversal dropped its serial unit along with its B-picture unit and renamed its production department Universal-International Pictures.

Republic and Columbia continued unchallenged, with about four serials per year each, Republic fixing theirs at 12 chapters each while Columbia fixed at fifteen.

By the mids, however, episodic television series and the sale of older serials to TV syndicators by all the current and past major sound serial producers, together with the loss of audience attendance at Saturday matinees in general, made serial-making a losing proposition.

There have been several posts attempts at reviving or recalling cliffhanger serials, by both fans and professional studios, and serials were often spoofed in cartoons of the s.

In the early days of television in the United States, movie serials were often broadcast, one chapter a day, and in the late s and s, they were often revived on BBC television in the United Kingdom. The popular Indiana Jones movies are a well-known, romantic pastiche of the serials' plot elements and devices. An early attempt at a low-budget Western serial, filmed in color, was entitled The Silver Avenger.

One or two chapters exist of this effort on 16mm film but it is not known whether the serial was ever completed.You can change your city from here. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city.

index of serial movies

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index of serial movies

Users' Rating:. The Invisible Man. Critic's Rating: 4. Disco Raja. Critic's Rating: 2. Professor Shonku O El Dorado. Android Kunjappan Version 5. Terminator: Dark Fate. Gemini Man.A History of Violence A Scanner Darkly Aeon Flux Ali G, Aiii Alien American Beauty [HDrip] Anchorman- The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

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